Ten of the Best Old West Ghost Towns

BodieHistory frozen in amber - literally hundreds of ghost towns that stretch from the Rockies to the California desert furnish fascinating glimpses into the colorful past of the American west.

While most of these abandoned places have mining in their background, each has it own unique geneology  made up of gamblers, gunslingers, legendary lawmen and robber barons. 

 Berlin Ghost Town

10.  Berlin, Nevada - Established in 1897, Berlin never was the boom town some of its neighbors were. At its peak, Berlin’s population numbered only about 300.  It declined rapidly following a bank panic in 1907 when the stock market a thousand miles away lost some 50 per cent of its value and  by 1911 it was basically abandoned.  Operated by the Nevada Company as a wholly owned community, even as a ghost town it remained remarkably well preserved  until it was acquired by the state of Nevada in 1970.  It’s  now part of the Berlin Historic District and includes the mine supervisors' quarters, assay office, machine shop, boarding house and museum. 

Rhyolite Train Station 2006JPG

9.  Rhyolite, Nevada - A name today associated with the the canyons of Wall Street rather than the desert